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Lift to PPs from South West

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18 hours ago, uttoxram75 said:

A up mate!

Sorry you've not been able to drum up a bus load yet. Give it time, once Cocu's total football kicks in you'll be fighting them off...

Have you a trip back home planned yet? Let us know if the Bodmin boys are coming up for a game.

Nice to hear from you mate, my friend is having a hip replacement but has promised after Christmas we stop at his sisters, and watch a match. so that means we can have a few beers before and after the match. will be in touch once we have a plan

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48 minutes ago, BodminRam said:

If we make the play off final, I will gladly pick you up and buy your beer for the day, that's how confident I am LOL. 


You better start saving then....a Rooney inspired play off final may incur severe drinking......🍻🐏

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