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Hang Your Heads In Shame

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No, not the players. The performance on the pitch wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. I can take the loss.

What I can’t stomach is how embarrassing our fans  were today. I’ve seen more atmosphere in the North Stand for a pre-season friendly. When the boys needed us most in the second half, we let them down. A couple of us in the ‘singing section’ were trying to get things going but we were met with dirty looks and disdain. I was absolutely fuming for the majority of the second half because our ‘fans’ offered the square root of duck all.

I don’t care who this pisses off. I don’t care if I lose the respect of those who I hold in high regard on this forum. What I care about is representing my ducking club, and I felt ashamed to do that today. At the very least, we should have given the loanees a proper send off to thank them for their services, but the majority ducked off to beat the tube traffic.

I’ve never been as down after a game as I was today. And it’s got absolutely nothing to do with how the team played.


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7 minutes ago, Donny Ram said:

Don’t tell me — you sit in the south stand and are more of a fan than anyone who sits elsewhere 


I am a frustrated North Stander. I’d love to be in the South Stand but I have loyalties to those who I’ve been sitting next to for 13 years. 

But in our biggest game of the season, when we’ve been bigging up the unity around our club in recent months, you expect more than the pathetic load of piss we got today. I’ve seen more life in a ducking graveyard.

Wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with many of our lot.

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1 minute ago, TomBustler1884 said:

Thought the same. I was so positive about the match in Covent garden and going to the game then I got to the stadium and it just disappeared, all that atmosphere vanished.

I agree a lot of our fans peaked to early singing and drinking from 8am and plenty of day trippers who go to a game and not make a sound today but what can you do you can’t make someone sing 😩It’s not the reason we lost today though.

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Atmosphere outside the ground was amazing. Was surprised by the state of it inside. 

Think the second half atmosphere was dictated by the scoreline, though (especially the second goal). All well and good to wag your finger at those in the stands, but we're human beings. We react to what we see. People around me were just straight out gutted. Some even were from the moment they saw the teamsheet...

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3 minutes ago, TomBustler1884 said:

I dont think anyone is playing a "I'm a better fan" game, just pointing out we were quiet today.

He's not lying, he's right!

He may be right but the tone and timing of his posts leave a bit to be desired "hang your head in shame" "pathetic load of piss" "wouldn't want to be in the trenches with many of our lot" "felt ashamed today".

I've always been told to never reply to an email when your emotions are high. Perhaps the same principle should be applied to posting on this forum. 


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