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Boro trying to sue us...

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Just now, ram1964 said:

Surprised they haven't been sued themselves for misrepresentation. Supposed to be a football club but no evidence of this whilst Pulis was in charge😀

I imagine if this goes any further DCFC will launch a counter suite regarding vexatious claims and damage to public standing and reputation.

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The thing is, the league's given the all-clear on the club's finances in relation to FFP. If there's any issue here, shouldn't it at this point be with the league, not the club? Surely the only argument that Boro would have at this point is that the league haven't properly implemented their own rules. Even then, I think their chances of having a genuine case are slim, but it seems more reasonable than suing us when the league's judged it to be within the rules.

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Really pathetic !!

Selling Pride Park was the same as selling any player - it was an asset of the Club.

It was independently valued and that full price was apparently paid. It matters not who brought it !!

Counter sue Derby !!!

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Always thought Steve Gibson was one of the more sensible chairman. Surely he is wasting money that would be better utilised in achieving their promotion aspirations. Admittedly we've used creative accounting but this just smacks of sour grapes. Frankly, Mr Gibson you just chose the wrong manager and you know it.

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