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1 hour ago, BurtonRam7 said:

@Kernow, this is your area of the world right?

Used to be. I’m currently in London 5 days a week for work until the end of June and I’m conveniently two stops on the Met line from Wembley Park.

Cute that you thought of me though.

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9 minutes ago, BodminRam said:

we could do this all night lol its actually uttoxram75

Just tie his hands up, he’s pretty harmless but you can never be too safe 

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3 minutes ago, reveldevil said:

It's ok picking him up, but I'd drop him back several miles away on the way back.

I would not want to be there when Mrs Utch catches up with him, after he 'popped out for some milk' Monday morning!

Don't say no if he offers you a biscuit, he gets upset with people that don't like biscuits. 

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Hopefully you’ll be fine, his Eddie Stobart spotting keeps him busy. 

Just don’t forget the name of the lorry if he shouts one out for gawds sake.

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16 minutes ago, reveldevil said:

Christ now you've done it.

Let's hope he's at work and misses this thread altogether.

Hang on a minute mate, I'll be right back. There's a knock at my door 😉

Some big bloke offering me free custard creams if I open the door. Promising not to hurt me.

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