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Play Off Final | Where are we drinking then?

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On 26/05/2019 at 21:29, FulhamFC said:

Fulham fan in peace. I was at Pride park in 83 as a teenager and it broke my heart what happened. I always wanted you to lose after that. But after last seasons play off victory I think that ghost has been laid to rest. Had some  good drinks with Derby fans  since and always found you to be a good bunch. I really hope you smash Villa, their arrogance before the final last year was astonishing. They thought they had it in the bag. A poo small club like Fulham was lucky to be on the same pitch as them. Oh and of course because we are so small we couldn’t hope to sell our tickets and they’d have at least 16000 villa in our end. We sold out before they did.  Good luck tomorrow. You’re a proper club. 

I sometimes come on this board too. I started following Fulham in 1996 my first experience of seeing Fulham vs Derby was when we won in 2000 in the cup at Craven Cottage  and Darryl Powell scored from almost the half way line. My partner  is a hugeeeeeeeeeee RAMs fan, so over the years I have gained a lot of respect for Derby and he has with Fulham Genuinely decent great  fans and I am looking forward to our two games this coming season.  Heartfelt sympathy  today RAMs fans but I do believe you will be back with right additions I really feel you will be successful again next season if not even more so.  

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