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Play Off Final | Ticket Thread


Wembley Ticket Information
👉 https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/05/Derby-announce-play-off-final-ticket-details

Tickets are ONLY available online at dcfc.co.uk under “Tickets” OR over the phone on 01332 974704 +.

+ (Calls from a landline are charged at local rate and may be free if included as part of your calling plan. Mobile charges may vary, please check with your network provider for further information). 

There will be NO tickets available at the Derby County Ticket Office for this match. Therefore, please note that Tickets are NOT available by calling the 0871 Ticket Office number.

Don’t forget, Leeds would have took more.

Message added by David

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7 minutes ago, Rampant said:

Two hours online and over 450 calls (all engaged). No joy. 

Exactly the same mate. 

Landed at Manchester airport, straight online and on re-dial, didn't even get close. Ah well just line some dirty touts pockets.

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Absolutely disgraceful that some low life is trying to sell tickets on e.bay. Surely there is some way of tracking them down and banning them. I just hope nobody buys them so encouraging this despicable behaviour. Don't think much of e.bay allowing this to happen either. I'm so sorry for all true fans who were unsuccessful today.

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7 minutes ago, reveldevil said:

I'd trace them back to the customer number used and ban them.

Trouble is, nobody will see the tickets before they’re sent out. 

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40 minutes ago, EnigmaRam said:

All I can say is I’m glad to be a ST holder and didn’t have to go through the stress of non ST holders today. Grats if you got one and commiserations if not

All I can say is... Never again!

I've always bought extra tickets at the counter, and have never attended Wembley due to usually being away on holiday, so this on-line free-for-all is all new to me.

Friday was a doddle compared to today.  If we're ever in this situation again, I'll make sure Muckerette becomes a STH as soon as the semi is over (if she isn't already by then), and we'll go it alone.  The rest of the family can sort themselves out (They're all Rams fans of course, and have ID's/previous purchases, but not STHs).

That was stressful.

Truly gutted for those that went through similar, but came away empty handed.  

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, StaffordshrieRam said:

When you mean “phone queue” what do you mean? I’m just constantly ringing the number and getting a busy tone, or is that what you mean by phone queue?

Keep trying, I was ringing that number from 1:30 and it was engaged,  I got through at 1:58, and was in a queue until 2:30, where I spoke to a operator and choose my ticket area etc.

Edited by Danelaw Rams

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27 minutes ago, Whoneedshuls said:

Tickets on eBay already... system was cr*p to start with should’ve been 2 tickets per season ticket holder... 😞 

Then there would have been 2-3000 STHs who missed out  (19000 STHs x 2 each = 38000)!

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I was 20,000 in queue when it started, when tickets officially sold out I still had 7000 people in front of me in queue and 40 mins to go.

After refreshing about a 1000 times a few random seats kept popping up which I managed to get 2 in the end 😄 one in block 527 and one in block 122 (one above the other). Dont suppose anyone in either of those blocks would want to swap theirs so I can sit with my mate? Or does anyone know if those 2 blocks have the same concourse?

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21 minutes ago, ossieram said:

Anybody selling on ebay needs reporting so DCFC can take the tickets back off them.

I agree... assuming they are looking for a profit.  If not, it's little different to offering "spare" tickets on here (for face value, of course).

Although I grant you, the latter has more potential for the ticket to land in a Rams Fans hand!

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43 minutes ago, SuperDerbySuperRams said:

I think it’s absolutely appalling that they’ve gone straight from ST Holders and members to general sale. Look at how Villa have done it. 

How have villa done it?

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