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The Politics Thread 2019

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This is the Politics thread for 2019, this will be the only Politics thread on this forum until next year when we will review how successful this thread has been.

Until then Politics elsewhere on the forum remains a prohibited topic of discussion, other topics and posts outside of this thread will be removed with persistent offenders issued a warning/ban.

The Politics Thread will have no polls, no topic title changes and will cover all Political discussions from Brexit to local elections.

Warnings/bans will also be issued as per forum guidelines for any personal insults/offensive posts towards other members. 

If a member makes an offensive post or one with a personal insult please report it without replying, replying makes moderation more difficult removing the lines of conversation that follow. 

Any offensive replies or insults back will see you both issued a warning regardless of who started it, this is not a school playground.

The forums profanity filter has word replacements in place, the moderators cannot see the original word that was posted be it duck or the f word. Typing duck off (not using the f) to a member will result in a warning being issued as it would if you used the f word. As would Banker, see you next Tuesday etc.

Finally Politics can be a divisive topic of discussion, one that people have very strong views on, may we recommend taking some time out if you feel yourself getting heated. Please do not lose your membership over a topic that is secondary to why you all visit dcfcfans.uk 

This topic will not be locked or removed, members that are unable to follow our basic forum guidelines will be. You have all been warned.

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46 minutes ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

I’m happy. It’s one of the few places I know that’s not either an echo chamber or completely intolerant  of ‘other’ opinions.


Agreed, it was always one of my favourite threads to read, and a chance to view completely different views to your own, but wrapped up in a DCFC bubble, meaning if even if someone was the polar opposite to you, there was a mutual interest that binds you.

It will be interesting to see if people are so entrenched now the political class have made such a poor show of Brexit.


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The issue was that it was offered as a binary, in or out.

As the mess has unraveled it becomes clear that it is not a binary and could never be.

And so we see the ongoing squabble being between a little bit is and a lot isn't versus a lot is and a little bit isn't, all within a political frame which hasn't had to cope with anything like since the corn laws.

The process continues to be bitterly divisive, absorbing political time and turning people away from engagement with politics at a time when we have seen a rise in hate crime, knife crime, homelessness, which are actually reasons why people should be engaged in politics.


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Brexit has been an utter shambles from start to finish and has exposed the total incompetence of the government, parliament, and prominent individual mps in terms of the failure to lead, manage etc etc. 

The country voted upon an issue that was not understood and impossible to define. The northern Irish border issue was never going  to be resolved. Both main parties started off as pro-remain and then ended up as pro-brexit. How's that for conviction politics? Politicians have played small-minded political games and shown that they are unfit to govern. The house cannot reach a consensus but is unwilling to allow the public a second vote.

If there was ever an issue that showed how utterly useless the whole political system has become, then this is it.

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I noticed that the favourite to win the presidential election in Ukraine is a comedian, meaning they could have a joker running their country

Wondered if something similar could happen here. But after watching how most of our MPs have been performing in Parliament, I've come to the realization it already as. There's more jokers now doing stand-up in the house of commons than there is at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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The next elections are in May for various local councils and we may also get one for our European Members of Parliament, depending on how brexit goes.

Going by the odds being offered by the bookies, they think there could even be a general election this year.

As we've only just voted in a general election in 2017 and aren't due another one till 2022. Wouldn't this be very undemocratic having another vote so soon after the last one, when the will of the people voted for our present government?

Will be interesting to see if any new parties emerge, also how the two main existing parties conduct their campaigns in any of the election that are held this year.


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