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14 minutes ago, Smyth_18 said:

The question was of fame. Most people who aren't Derby fans (especially nowadays) won't even know Mackay was a manager.

But he was absolutely colossal as a player, perhaps his fame has wained but at the time he was bigger than Jesus!

Either way, I’m thinking about this too much 😂

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1 hour ago, loweman2 said:

Todd and McFarland ! the epitome of 1970s English football !


That back 4 of Nish - McFarland, Todd, Webster was without a shadow of a doubt the best English back 4 to ever play the game together.

The first 3 all played for England and Ronny was a rock and totally underestimated imho.

Without injuries and moron managers Toddy and Mac would both be nudging 100 caps apiece. 

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2 hours ago, Parsnip said:

Who's our most famous manager?


2 hours ago, Smyth_18 said:

We've had a fair few;

Frank Lampard
Brian Clough
Steve Mac
Nigel Clough

Controversially i would say in that order.

Fair assessment in the famous stakes but Schteve has gotta be the richest. He has after all got an island all of his own.


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