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Bradley Johnson

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5 hours ago, RiddingsRam said:

It's a gamble though , signing an unknown or even someone known but never played at this level. For example I like Pelly Ruddock at Luton , similar player to Bradley , let's say we take a chance on him . It's going to cost upwards of £2 million plus £10k a week over a minimum of 2 years . Even if Bradley signs a new deal for £20k a week it's still the better option.

I agree there’s no guarantees with any signing .

20k???!!!  I’d rather see us give bird or Sibley a chance than giving Bradley that again

 We nearly picked up kieftenbld or whatever his name is from brum as he was out of favour with his current manager at the time, what was the reported fee 2-400k??

im not for a second saying he’s a world beater or would even be better than what we have now , but now and historically he’s built a reputation as a reasonable championship workhorse 

basically Bradley , but would be on a pitense if what BJ is on and about as useful .

a lot of transfer business is also about timing and when players are in or out of favour, under rednapp kieftenbulds face didn’t fit under rowett and monk it did/does

im purely using him as an example 

It’s all horses for courses I know but just saying a shrewd manager can find that sort of player in abundance with the right knowledge and network 

jim smith signed 3 of them lol 

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I wouldnt give Bradley another contract, he hasn't done enough imo to warrant one. He will obviously get interest but not from a side better than us. I think he is a mid table championship player, we can find better and we probably will. 

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