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Derby County v Stoke City

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Quite surprised at how utterly crap Stoke were.

i had to check on 73 minutes that Ince was still on the pitch. 

Should have won, but c'est la vie. The foul on mitchell-lad looked like a penalty to me, but the ref couldn't even get the wall back ten yards. 

When we run at teams we look a threat but the cutting edge just isn't there at the moment.

never mind. It was a decent game from us. 

Stoke. Nothing wrong that another £100m wouldn't fix. 


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Yes, we can look back and think 5 points perhaps we hoped and needed more, but, the win over Wigan felt like a corner turned and we've played much better against wendies and stoke with a break to get some of the returning players back fitter.

We've come out of the slump with 9 to play, in the top 6 with mount back after the break, hopefully Marriott fitter, Lawrence fitter, huddz gets to have a snooze in his cryogenic regeneration chamber and it's all to look forward to over the next two months. We might fall short, but it's been an OK season, seems Lampard can manage (there was always the risk that he might just have not be able to) we've played some exciting young players, Bogle and Holmes as well as Bird and Mitchell-Lawson if we exclude the loans.

And next season most of the clement era signings will have gone.

2 weeks ago it all felt gloomy, now it feels less gloomy and we're also unbeaten in three after losing three on the bounce, creating chances even if we've mislaid the shooting boots.

happy fappy clappy for the international break.

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Good game, played well, did everything but score, proud of the team tonight, will have some big players back after the international break, so with 9 games left we have everything to play for, it's going to be close and exciting, and I believe we will just about make it in the play offs, time to recharge the batteries and come out all guns ablazing.

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Posted (edited)
18 minutes ago, EnigmaRam said:

Good game, good performance. Just a pity we didn’t win. Don’t think there’s any need for scapegoats after that performance.

Yep, we did everything but win. Effort was there, we took the game to them and were easily the best team, cut them open at will, how ponderously slow were Stoke?! Post Rowett hangover for sure.

A win was a killer pass away or a little bit better finishing we would have had 3 well deserved points; a goal was all that was missing from a decent performance.

Edited by Zag zig

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So just got home.

Really unlucky not to get the 3 points, personally think it was one of our best performances all season as a team, some really good individual performances from Lawrence, Malone, Holmes and Bogle who looks back too his best, no matter where we finish It would be nice for us to preform like that for the remaining games just score 2 or 3!! Can’t really fault anything though! Nice to see the young lads getting a run out sure Mel will be happy to see his big investment in the youth squad finally be used! 

Roos 8 didn’t have much to do, comands his box well 

Bogle 9 brilliant kept McLean in his pocket very strong going forward

Keogh 8 solid as always 

Tomori 8 makes little mistakes but his pace always helps him make up for it, got a massive future 

Malone 8 big fan, gets forward well wins headers settled in well

Johnson 7 battled well did the ugly stuff always seemed to be their 

Huddlestone 7 calm composed doesn’t give the ball away as much playing further forward! Worked well

Holmes 9 brilliant little player, snip at his price so calm on the ball always sticks to his feet. 

Wilson 7 works hard just needs a goal to get him going again

Lawrence 9 worked his socks of battled for everything even with him not being 100% fit, runs with the ball something we need!

Waghorn 7 battled but hard up against 2 cavemen! 

Ratings like we won but unfortunately we didn’t but plenty to build on! COYR

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Deserved 3 points tonight. Ashley Williams forearm smash was a red card all day, what did the ref book him for? "Right Ashley, the Derby player was running past you onto a through ball that would have taken him into the penalty box until you raised your arm into his face to block his run, I have no choice but to issue a yellow card even though you made far better contact than the Brummie chav did on Grealish"

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1 hour ago, Mafiabob said:

Charlie Adam looked a bit buff today 

Thought they were going to have to have an oxygen tank ready for him when he went off. 

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1 hour ago, Mr Tibbs said:


No scapegoating just calling a cat a cat, sure he'll have a good career somewhere but we'll be a better team without him next year IMO. 

I agree, without having to spend millions. 

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1 hour ago, DcFc Dyycheee said:

On another day that's a 2-0 win and we go home happy. Just didn't fall for us. 

Bogle decent, as was Lawrence. Don't get the Marriott for Waghorn change, obvious we needed an extra man up there. Stoke are crap. 

That’s the problem tho isn’t it?  By the same rationale we could have gone away 0-1 from one of their few chances. We need to put these poo teams away 

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