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Leicester tell Puel to clear his office, his services are no longer required

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Think they will go for Jokanovich or appoint a caretaker for a Ranieri reunion in the summer.

Be interested to know where Leicester believe they should be in the PL, winning the league will have raised expectations as McClaren did at Derby 5 years ago taking us from mid table to genuine promotion contenders. 

Hard to see them being much higher in the table with the squad they have.

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Would happily swap places to be in leicesters position

Comfortable mid table premier team

Full houses every other week

Team full of internationals including several England players

Capable of beating any of the top teams on their day

In fact, a good role model to show what could be achieved by a similar, midsize club like ourselves . And we are a much more fervent  ‘football’ city than leicester.

Living in leicester its clear that there is  a lot more to the Puel thing than delusions of grandeur, its been brewing for a long, long time and has similarities to our previous  situation with Clement  

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4 hours ago, HantsRam said:

This sort of mid range premier club with delusional ambition is made for someone of similar self regard over stature.

Step forward Alan Pardew.....


Premier League clubs without ambition very quickly become Championship teams. If you are not aiming for number one you are cheating yourself.

Pardew is only going to get a job in the Championship. His Premier days are done unless he can take a team up.       `

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40 minutes ago, Srg said:

They still play Wes Morgan every week... they're lucky not to be bottom three.

Imagine seeing Wes doing his weekly shop. Imagine him trying to turn himself and his trolley around in an aisle. 

It'd all be clearance stock when he's done

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15 hours ago, Abu Derby said:

Looks like Nigel Pearson could be returning. 😂

I would love for this to happen, but he got sacked from OH Leuven, who are also owned by King Power. Why would they go for a man they have already dismissed on two previous occasions?

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