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Derby blood

Worst players you have seen at Derby

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4 hours ago, MK-Ram said:

Always felt that Lewis at least put the effort in, which is a lot more than can be said for many Rams in recent times

He was just too old. His best game was against Utd at home. I remember him giving their right back a nightmare. Other than that, trash 

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Benny Feilharber- Just found this shocker when I looked to see where he'd gone

Feilhaber was six years old when his family moved from Brazil to settle in the United States and spent approximately eight years in the New York City suburb of Scarsdale where he played for the local soccer team, the Scarsdale Lightning. He attended Nottingham Country Elementary.


That was the problem all along

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16 hours ago, DavesaRam said:

I have to admit to getting amusement from watching Connor Sammon during the warm-up. While everybody else was doing flicks, tricks and teckers, Connor struggled to get the ball up off the ground from stationary. The best he could do was a two-foot dribble - i.e. left foot to right foot to out of control and rolling away!

I think Sammon gets too much stick - He was an average player who was about the right level of player we could attract when we were a lower mid-table side - He wasn't bad-bad, just frsutrating-bad - Bad in comparison to fact he was replaced by Martin...

16 hours ago, Premier ram said:

Clod , Grenet , Andy Todd , Laurent Robert and Bragstad, think he was the worst of the lot

Andy Todd had possibly the only good performance by a Derby player in that season - The opening game against Pompey where he scored a diving header! Bloody brilliant!

9 hours ago, RiddingsRam said:

Theo Robinson headless chicken

Again - Not as bad as all that - He was okayish at a time where we could mostly only get okayish strikers

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