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Inverurie Ram

Centenary International Scotland v England Scoolboys Fri 22nd March 7pm Inverurie

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So who's going to join the Aberdeenshire Rams for this one? @2tups @Ramadonna @Ramadonna9 @campavanram @Elgin_Ram @Edinburgh ram @EdinburghRam @Glasgow-ram @GlasgowRam @CWC1983 @Angry Ram @uttoxram75 @SW6 @Derby Loyal @RadioactiveWaste 

Clashes with the England big boys playing at Wembley for a qualifier in front of a load of quiet southerners, but we can watch the second half on that on ITV in a boozer after the game.

So come on who fancies a night out in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire?

Scotland v England Friday March 22nd 2019 Harlaw Park Inverurie 7pm Kick Off.




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Interesting - the other day I found a program I had from an England International Schoolboys tournament in 1979 (one of the games was played at the Baseball Ground)

I thought I'd know more of the names from the England team but not one of them seemed to have gone on to a top level career. At least Wales schoolboys had Mark Hughes in the team - and Scotland - well, well, well - look which superstar they had in THEIR ranks...




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21 hours ago, reveldevil said:

England have a poor record when playing up there.

It's something of a bogie fixture.

They'r a poor team........


.......too many passengers......😂

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Especially for @reveldevil Scotland 0 England 2. 13 mins 11. Owen Windsor & 92 mins 9.Declan Arbor.


I enjoyed a pint of Stella in the Locos bar before the game, and my lad enjoyed his milk and Kit Kat before he joined his mates in Harlaw Park for about 20 mucking about laps around the ground. I was greeted in the home end, with "you should be sat with that lot over there" pointing to the posh stand, where all the guests were sat, the English players entourage. The kids sang constantly "Let's Go Scotland" and I was then the only one man clapping in the main standing covered terrace when number 11. Owen Windsor scored a well taken goal after 13 minutes and was told nicely to "Get Ta" by a couple of the parents I know, without the usual swear words to follow, due to the surrounding kids and circumstances. The match ticked along nicely with both sides hitting the bar and the thought crossed my mind to do the same at half time, but the lad was knowhere to be seen, so I opted for a cup of tea instead.

Second half involved more jumping around on the spot from me trying to keep warm on the terrace, and I'd opted not to bother hanging up the DCFC Aberdeenshire Rams flag, as the crowd attendance was pretty poor, I thought more schools and parents in the local area would have turned up for this one, but the ground was only half full, so the flag stayed under my Derby County Umbro Hoody and kept me nice and warm, as I enjoyed watching the Kellands School Kids enjoy themselves on the pitch, providing the half time entertainment.

My lad soon turned up for money for chips and then disappeared again. The second half soon disappeared also, which included myself also having a couple of laps around the ground to keep warm and to see who I could spot in the crowd. Scotland eventually pushed for an equaliser in the last ten minutes, subs were brought on, before England countered on a couple of occasions before England sub 9. Declan Arbor gave England a 2-0 win, and me and the lad walked home not knowing the score of the game at Wembley, so that game went down well for our supper. Tea, Milk and biscuits all round.


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