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Attending Football Abroad

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On 17/08/2019 at 18:38, CWC1983 said:

Something different, try Groningen when one of the big clubs visit. Ajax or Feyenoord preferably. 

Small intimidating stadium, local lunatics, good beer, nice small city centre, couple of squares surrounded by pubs. Its also a student town. 90 mins from Amsterdam

Whats not to like? 

Not sure how easy tickets would be to get though. 

I have tried on a numerous times to get tickets from that club, but I don’t think they ever get to general sale. On each each occasion the ticket office operator was quite blunt saying Groningen. Rude. I just put the phone down.

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On 17/08/2019 at 14:32, PrivateDerby said:

Where would you recommend for a first European match? Four lads, cheap weekend, watch the chaos and come home... can you get tickets on the gate at most grounds? 


Mainz in Germany is good,no problem getting tickets and plenty of bars and a fan park at the ground. We watched them play Dortmund and it wasn’t quite a sell out. Frankfurt and Cologne are also good,my mate gets the tickets online direct from the clubs.

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Attended Melbourne City V Melbourne Victorty about 3 years ago in Oz and there was virtually no segregation. Probably too friendly as well. 

Tim Cahills’ debut for City and he scored an absolute worldie that I happened to miss as my daughter wanted a hot dog ! 


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