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RIP Gordon Banks

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5 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

That save from Pele pictured in the opening photo is still one of the best ever from my perspective. Every young lad of that era who played in goal between two jumpers on the ground wanted to be Gordon Banks. Sleep well Gordon.

But look at the positioning of Moore and Labone.............its as if they've taught our defenders everything they know........😄


Back on topic - RIP Gordon. I remember as a young lad the upset when he had his car crash in 1972 and lost the sight in one eye which forced his early retirement. A huge shame, but his legacy will always be THAT save.....👏

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When you look back at clips of Banks in action... as you inevitably will do today, there are a few things worth remembering.

  • Keepers in the 60s very often played without gloves, or if they did wear gloves they were very simple affairs. Much smaller than the huge paddles goalkeepers wear today.
  • There were no dedicated goalkeeping coaches. No, video reviews or analysis.  Goalkeepers back then were pretty much left to themselves to figure out what to do in real time, in a match.
  • The balls were real leather and soaked up water making them exceptionally heavy.  Imagine getting an un-gloved fingertip to a shot with one of those.

Banks was very special. Unique. Brilliant. Brave.

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Sad day!

I was but a bairn for the '66 Final, and a bit of a late developer to show any interest in the '70 WC, but that's not to say I didn't learn of his skills, his achievements, and his reputation, fairly soon thereafter.

A Legend in the very true sense of the word.

RIP, Mr Banks.

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12 hours ago, Mafiabob said:

Rest well..... 


Watched this in black and white during Mexico '70.

Couldn't believe my eyes then and, having watched it countless times since, I still can't.

Gordon was laughing afterwards because of two things he later reported as Bobby Moore saying:-

"You're getting old Banksy, time was you'd have caught that" followed by "I've told you before about giving away soft corners!"

I once read a book on goal-keeping. A whole chapter was devoted to that fraction of a second!

Read his auto-biography. It is impossible to praise this man too highly.

RIP Banksy! Best goalie ever and one of life's true gents.

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