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U23s v Aston Villa PL Cup

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8 minutes ago, sage said:

The lad Buffonge is a Man Utd U23 midfielder, wonder if he is on trial.

I hope that is a joke?

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Game very open and end to end on a bobbly pitch.

A few minutes ago Max Bird intercepted in the middle of the Villa half in a brilliant position, but then gave the ball away carelessly leading to a fast Villa break at the other end. Max Hunt just stood with his arm up hoping for offside, as Villa had two players through on goal. Very unimpressed by both Maxs at that point, but a great save by Barnes and they missed the follow-up.

Villa are in the Premier League 2 second division but still won this tournament last year and top the group right now. But as a team near the top of the first division you'd hope we'd start to control this. And right now there is no control. Need to calm it down and have some sustained possession.


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30 minutes ago, angieram said:

We seemed to be the better team towards the end of the half (I missed first 20 minutes.)

Why would you want your young players to play on a pitch like that, though? Surely Villa can do better than that.

Pitch a last-minute switch for some reason. It has really spoilt the game.

We gradually asserted ourselves ending up going 2-0 ahead, but since then we really seem to have fallen apart. A bit odd. I wonder if the substitutions have made the difference.

EDIT. And now it's 2-1 and you can't say it's not been coming. Quarter of an hour to go.

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