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Name a venomous snake after your ex for $1

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6 minutes ago, McRamFan said:

So in the 400 posts since the first use, you find 2....must mean I am a habitual user.  Weak.

I'm busy trying to fix a bug with the forum, as I said I remember it being used more than once, you claimed this was false and I was being personal. I found then two which is more than once and trying to return to fix this issue. 

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3 hours ago, McRamFan said:

Well I have just searched 'political'  went back as far as August, as that was when the new guidelines came in, and I have used it once since 14 August 2017, and found that is as far back as I can go back.

Politics - 0

Government - 2 (refering to drones and car safety)

Labour - 0

Tories - 0

Therefore your facts are completly wrong, you either have confused me with another poster, or you are making it up.

You even admitted to 2 in this ^^^^^^^^ When I went to school, 2 was more than 1.

Got you didn't he

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