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England Rugby 2019

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12 hours ago, dabber said:

Apparently if Wales win they get 3 Grand Slam bonus points so we can't catch them if they win 

That is right, if Wales win, Eng v Sct is a dead rubber, in terms of the six nations, however very much game on for the Calcutta Cup.  However Ireland have an outside chance to win it, depending on Englands result.

Should make for a great weekend.

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On 10/03/2019 at 10:04, StockholmRam said:

Well, its all to play for on the final day. Thats a good thing for the tournament. 

One of the main reasons we lost to Wales was down to Sinkler kept pumping air into Welsh tyres with his daft winding up of them. He needs to put a bit more thought into what he is doing out there. 

Its now Sunday after Italy game. WHY didnt we employ yesterdays game plan v Wales. Theres not anyone can live with oyr full on power game. Not even the All Blacks. 

Quite a few reasons why we lost to Wales of which sinckler was one. Reckon you're spot on with the changes game plan observation. 

As commentators at the time said,  we decided not to drive forward and kick behind after sucking in defenders,  we just hoofed straight away to Liam Williams who didn't drop any.

And then we couldn't change what we were doing. 

All the Welsh fans I've spoken to were as surprised by what we did as they were delighted with their performance. 

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On 10/03/2019 at 13:46, McRamFan said:

Would be amusing if England get anorther BP and beat Wales to the title on points difference.  However, if anyone can beat Wales at home, the Irish have a good shout at it, especially if Wales try and go for teh BP, Ireland could easilly counter attack, leaving a huge ask.

You were saying 😬😭

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50 minutes ago, Squid said:

So was Farrell the ****!

Farrell had 2 really poor games, 2 ok and 1 good.

Too late for this wc,  but given the time and resources Jones has had, to come up with Farrell and Ford as no 10 options is absolutely criminal. 

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Well done Wales, bit of a fluke imho, almost lost it in Paris, wobbly againest Scotland and had England and Ireland at home; and Ireland had already started St Patrick Day's celebrations, or may as well have!

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4 hours ago, StockholmRam said:

Me thinks Eddie needs to employ a shrink. I can only think THAT 2nd half v Scotland is in the head.

Paul Grayson probably nailed it........because the captain is such a major role in its own right in rugby (hes the only one who can talk to the ref to see how he is interpreting laws etc), to expect Farrell to be both the playmaker AND the captain is a very large ask.

Eminently solvable by EJ but he shouldn't have got himself into that position in the first place.

Doesn't excuse the generally crap play by england in 2 second halves - Wales and Scotland, though

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