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Poynton ram

Should we be worried?

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8 hours ago, BurtonRam7 said:

Not saying he's as good as Guardiola/Klopp but to say he lucked out after winning three straight Champions League trophies is a joke. The finest margins matter at the elite level.

Get the point, but watch what he does in football management and feel free to bump this the second he is anywhere near replicating that success, or even a shadow of it. It won't happen.

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We have won 3 in our last 10 and picked up 13 points from our last 30.

I don’t think Frank is getting anyone’s attention in the Chelsea hierarchy with a run like that.

Take the sentiment out of it for a second, we are in a slump of our own that Frank is finding hard to reverse, so why would he have any effect on Chelsea?

Frank will still be here next season, and hopefully armed with the lessons learnt from this season to do better next time around.

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He cant turn an average championship side into a top one, what can he do at a top Prem club?

he is learning his new role, whether he can do it …...time will tell, but at the moment we are currently a lot worse off now than this time last season. #

Hey the football is better, but only sometimes.

Maybe FL will join the magic circle and then he might be able to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear!

Chelsea come in for FL, not a chance!

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It would not surprise me if Frank's people were putting the feelers out to Abramovich's people now. Frank will be worried that after three abject performances on the bounce his team are making him look like he doesn't know what he's doing. Chelsea could take him now but not after a couple more defeats and with Forest and Villa away next that could well be what he's looking at. He'll be hoping for Chelsea to lose tonight against Malmö.




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9 hours ago, oomarkwright said:

Where's your evidence? 

My mate, who is in the know but I can't say who - believe me he isn't lying on this one, saw a Chelsea fan outside Pride Park on transfer deadline day. Anyway, his brother is the agent of Peter Odemwingie and he once was in an elevator with the cousin of Jesper Gronkjaer's cleaner who told him, and again it's really important you keep this trio yourself, that I'm not your Google bitch. Go look it up, there's about about fifteen pages on the topic. Happy reading!

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