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Derby to explore options into potential singing section

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The only stand that didn't bounce yesterday was the north stand. Many in the west were joining in as well and received a 'well done' cheer from all of us in the south.

About 4;15 I nipped down to the concourse in the south stand to use the loo, must have been 200 people in the concourse, maybe some of them were part of the singing section.

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3 hours ago, BurtonRam7 said:

I know, it's ducking hard when you see the South Stand bouncing like yesterday and you're just sat on your arse with the grannies. I've said for a while now that I'd stick it out in the North Stand until the old couple next to me pass on, but I really don't want to miss out on this.

The other thing is I'll be spending a year abroad as part of my uni course in the 2020/21 season. That will be hard enough as it is (no Derby for a whole year) but I'd likely lose my seat in the singing section (if it takes off) for the following season as well.

Just trip them up or something 👍

Obviously i’m joking.








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4 hours ago, David said:

Derby County Football Club, are exploring options into a potential singing section in the Morley Hayes South Stand for the 2019/20 season and beyond.

The club recently met with representatives from Club 84, who expressed interest in generating more noise inside Pride Park Stadium, and are happy to explore potential options. 

Supporters are asked to register their interest in a potential signing area on the following form by midnight on Sunday 17th February 2019. 

Fans wishing to relocate to any potential area should still renew their Season Ticket or select an alternative seat and renew by Sunday 31st March 2019 to ensure they get their 2019/20 Season Ticket at the cheapest possible price.

Please note that any possible relocation can only be looked at once Period One of Season Ticket renewals closes on 31st March and fans currently seated in the Morley Hayes South Stand will not be asked to relocate; however if all fans don’t relocate in this area by 31st March it may allow space for a signing section to be formed.

For more information and to register your interest here: http://thera.ms/singing.


Anyone who puts in their time and effort for things like this gets a thumbs up from me👏👏👏👏

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Think this is a good idea but only if each fan has to wear a smart device with a decibel sensor. If they don’t average a certain loudness over the course of the season a 100% surcharge is added to their ticket. 

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Where do you sit if you want to check the Chelsea score, talk about Aguero's goal and Klopp's gengenpress.

I'm looking for somewhere I can shout "sort it out Lampard" and go crazy that Derby didn't get a throw when the ball touched the line. 

I'm kidding. What I really want is to be within coin throwing range of any player putting their arms behind their back while blocking or appealing for a decision instead of getting on with the game. 

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53 minutes ago, philmycock said:

This singing section needs to be next to the Away fans, that's the Derby way, not right down near the West Stand.

It would probably be better in the middle so the noise spreads outwards to both sides and leave the away fan baiting to those of us experienced enough to know the words to the songs that wind up the oppo fans. 

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