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Ram (9 times) Mickey Thomas

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Just reading about Mickey Thomas - who is just about to start treatment for stomach cancer


i was interested to read that he appeared 9 times for us on loan. Totally forgot about that.

I seem to recall - it was a hard times for us  - and he did offer us experience and was fully committed 

All the best to him, any other recollections of him - playing  for Derby?




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I remember being on the Colombo terrace one Wednesday night game.

Can’t remember if Micky started or came on as sub but he did a lung busting run beat a couple of players and blazed over from the angle.

The chant went up ... ”Micky, gissa a wave, Micky, Micky, gissa wave” and he immediately gave us the thumbs up.

Some fruit loop at the back of the terrace went into a rant over this for about 5 minutes shouting, probably at himself “We said a clucking wave Micky you thick Welsh  ....” 

When they show his goal for Wrexham against Arsenal in the FA Cup I always think back to his loan period to us and that incident. 

Hope he’s okay,


Gangway D from the terrace 




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I'd also totally forgotten he'd come to us, however, from somewhere in my old bald head, I can remember him warming up during our promotion season from DIV3.

That's it. Nothing else. Let's hope he gets through this. A character on and off the pitch.

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