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Hull City - another new crest

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16 hours ago, MuespachRam said:

Looks like another lazy publicity stunt just like Leeds did when they released that badge with zero intention of every implementing It, but It gets us all talking.! 

ITK - I hear they are about to suggest a change to our logo and here it is



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1 hour ago, Ghost of Clough said:

Not sure what all the comments are about... it's hardly changed from the large version, using the same tiger they've used for a large portion of their history





The head shape is the same as has been used multiple times, but each more modern rendition (of that head shape) has muddled the stripes more and more to the point that the "new" one doesn't really have any. They look more like leopard spots.

The current one is more stripey, but a far cry from the very definitive tiger stripes you can see in the older crests in your image.


I'm glad you've pointed out they've basically always had a lazy eye though. I'd never had reason to look at a blown-up Hull City crest before. Good to know it's always been a bit pants.

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15 hours ago, REDCAR said:

The bottom line is, whoever did it, can’t draw tigers.... maybe they gave it to supporters as a competition...? (Aged 8-12)

Rodney Trotter aged 12 drew it, and is still a bonified member of the groovy gang for his winning picture

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