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Angry Ram

Classic Movie Clips

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2 hours ago, Mucker1884 said:

Nice one.  Consider yersen a mate!  happy0180.gif



...although you may not want to be!


Get's me right there... every time...



Get in!

That was embarrassingly simple!  Must have tried every which way but that!  Doh!

Right... what other films am I a sucker for...

That was worth the wait

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20 minutes ago, bigbadbob said:

That was worth the wait

Wasn't it just!  You're very welcome.

All these tough guys on here... Angry this, Big Bad That, prisoners, testicles and tentacles... they're all guns and fighting, when what the punters really want, is love, music and romance... they're just not man enough to admit it.


...Anyway, gotta go... I'm about to sit and watch a true classic... apparently all the cute ickle bunny rabbits get ran over, and the bonus is, Art Garfunkel can be heard in the background... How excited am I... 

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2 hours ago, Squid said:


Top Hollywood fact: Lee van Cleef, whose hand you can see here, served in the US Navy in the war in the Med and other places, where he would have faced danger and risk on a regular basis. Then lost the tip of his finger making a wendy house for his daughter.

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