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Derby County v Hull City Match thread.

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4 minutes ago, IronRam 70.3 said:

Different strokes for different folks I guess. I thought Bryson was a bit anonymous again really. Passing to him is like passing to a brick wall - it just comes straight back. 

Not seen him break a line or carry the ball with purpose in yonks now.

I see what you are saying but to be honest I thought Bryson protected Huddlestone very well in terms of closing opposition down and shutting off space. Without Bryson then I don’t think Huddlestone gets the plaudits he has done. 

As you say different strokes and all that, in the end it was a very strong team performance. That we are sayingthis person played well...no THIS person played well’ is everything you need to know about the game really 

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35 minutes ago, Mafiabob said:

Watched a different game to me then, thought it was one of Brysons best games since season started, and I’ve been a critic of him 

I don’t disagree. He was effective today but so many times this season he’s been running about like a headless chicken. If King brings more control to the midfield he’ll get the nod over Bryson as King for Bryson seems the obvious switch. Mount Huddz King when all are fit.

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1 hour ago, TuffLuff said:

He was ok, but thought Bryson’s performance has warranted more praise if I’m honest.

The Hollywood cross field balls that take 5 seconds to reach the man who is being marked by two men need to stop. Slowed our play in the first half two or three times and everyone is applauding it whole Malone has nowhere to go. Sorry but it’s a nonsense. There were a lot of slow, ‘casual balls’ from him and Tomori too which put is, directly or indirectly, in danger.

He was ok and had a better second half but those performances haven’t been consistent from him either. 

Ambitious rated him a 5

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3 minutes ago, Phoenix said:

Ambitious rated him a 5

Is that a comic ? Either way shows what they know about football, probably listened to it on sky highlights or something ?

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1 hour ago, Ambitious said:

I thought that was one of our better performances of the season today. I’m not saying it was the full shilling, but looked good all over the park. It helps knowing we have Mount and Marriott to come back. 

Roos - 8; Bogle - 8, Keogh - 8, Tomori - 8, Malone - 7; Bryson - 5, Huddlestone - 8, Holmes - 7; Wilson - 6, Waghorn - 8, Jozefzoon - 7. 

Bennett and King did well with what time they had, although the former was rather erratic. 

Yes. Derby were neat, tidy, balanced and hard-working. The odd mistake but overall worthy of 3 points. Lucky not to concede so let’s not go over-board. I would like us to be a bit more risky up top with a bit more mobility around the box but we look like we can still improve some more. I think King and Cole will bring us some more steel and leadership. All set pretty well for 15 cup finals. And the FA Cup still too! 🐑

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Strange how there’s so few replies after that, can people not compliment the team who can criticise them? Was a proper 90 minute performance at last that, been a long time coming! So so so much better than we have been recently, a proper dominating controlled performance, mich more befitting of a team who should be challenging near the top. So much better movement from the players, much stronger on the ball, better in possession, incisive one touch passing with purpose and a lot less hopeless humping it. Patient, proper build up play with some serious creativity, particulary from Holmes for that first goal. Everyone just seemed much more composed and on the same wavelength. In no small part down to the inclusion of Huddlestone who was near faultless, and showed why he remains multiple levels above Evans and any consideration of selling him/ starting him is insanity.

Properly enjoyed today, helped by the crowd being a lot better second half too, though people round me still moaned about us not getting it forward immediately. Do they learn nothing from watching us aimlessly lump it and lose possesion? Did they not see how much better we are when we keep it on the deck? Some people just don’t understand the game.

Roos 7- Had little to do but commanded his box well

Bogle 7- Again let a few too many crosses in, but composed as per bar the odd stupid shot

Keogh 8- Excellent passing out from the back and reading the game

Tomori 8- Similar to Keogh 

Malone 7-Worlds most uncomfortable footballer, but was very good going forward

Huddlestone 9- Won’t find a better cdm outside the prem. Imperious.

Holmes 7-Some proper vision for the first goal, lost the ball in dangerous positions too many times tho, still a great player

Bryson 7- Unspectacular but better today, still struggles to keep up with play occasionally tho

Wilson 7- Quiet today as we went mainly through the middle (which worked better) but still linked well with midfield, Tried to do too much sometimes though

Waghorn 10 MOM- duck it, maybe a 10 is too much but sometimes you just have to stand up and congratulate a ducking brilliant performance. And Martyn gave that today. Best number 9 performance in about 3-4 years. Battled for everything, and was literally everywhere. What a performance.

Josefzoon 6- Didn’t do too badly but just doesn’t really have much about him that’s I can see, only player who didn’t have a good game.


Bennett 8- Much better than flojo

King and Cole- No time to impact 

That was the performance of a team who can challenge to go up, not the half arsed half turning up performances we’ve seen recently. A much better footballing team performance. Need to keep that up and our season will start to look a lot better imo. Proper football, on the deck, creativity and movement. Much happier millennium ram tonight

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Andy King - Cool, Composed and intelligent. Leader at Leicester and I believe an extremely important player for us moving forward.

Oh and he adds much needed height to the midfield. 

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Absolutely loving all four stands getting involved after the second goal. What a difference it makes!

And the bouncing! I've wanted the south stand to get other stands starting the bounce for ages and it worked a treat, it was fantastic watching the directors box all turning to see if the west stand would bounce when asked, and i have to say it was awesome!!

Just need it every match

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56 minutes ago, Mucker1884 said:

Unexciting... but NOT uninspiring!

Solid and calm, as opposed to rampant.

A few very minor hiccups, that went unpunished.

Job done... and overall, it was done in a professional manner.

... I'll take that for every remaining game, damn right

Edited by StringerBell
Thought you were that miner bloke for a minute. It's the muck

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Good win today, played some neat football, Waghorn worked his wosits off all game, and deserved his 2 goals, thought Keogh and Tomiri were solid at the back, Tom kept us playing, and Bryson never stopped  closing down the spaces, and worked his wosits off, also a great atmosphere at pp today, really enjoyed the crowd getting behind the team,looking forward to seeing more of King as well, could prove a very important signing for us.


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