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19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

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I think we'd need close to a full XI worth of players, whether through new contracts, turning loans into perms, signing new loans, signing new players permanently.

Not saying we'd need to replace everyone who starts but there would be holes in the depth of every position come the Summer. What league we're in is obviously a big factor.

I'm not sure how our relationship with the FFP limit will be next year if we're in the Championship again. If it's still tight it could start getting really difficult for us.

If we somehow manage to get in the prem, I don't think I'd be particularly concerned - but it'll be a challenge to keep up with all the players we'll bring in 😄 

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Let's assume we don't renew ANY contracts, and no-one currently out on loan is in first team plans for next season - caveat to this is I'll assume we keep one of Roos or Mitchell).

(yes, Thorne, Martin, Elsnik, Thomas *might* be, but I'm trying to keep this simple.

GK: Carson and Roos/Mitchell - adequate for PL.

RB: Bogle/Wisdom - Adequate for PL

LB: Malone/Forsyth - Adequate for PL

CB: Davies/Keogh - Need 2 more. Ideally one younger, quicker defender at least, and I think (at this stage of his career) an injury of the sort Davies has means he'll be at best a backup next year. To be honest, I don't think i'd want either in my team in the Premier. 

DM: Evans/Bird - Depends on how both develop over the rest of the season. Could see us looking for another so that Bird can go out on loan for the season regardless, with Evans either first choice or backup, depending on how he progresses in next 5 months.

CM/AM: Holmes... erm... well we need at least one more! Wouldn't be surprised if King is "with a view to a permanent depending on performances and promotion", but even with that we'd need at least one more. Can Elsnik/Sibley make the step up to be a back up? If not, we'd need at least two PLUS King. Think Holmes could cut it in PL though.

LW: Lawrence. I think he could cut it in the PL. Just needs to improve decision making. BUT we don't have a natural replacement UNLESS we use Holmes there, but that requires more cover in midfield. I'd rather get a decent winger that can play on either wing.

RW: Josefzoon/Bennett. We'd need an upgrade. Don't mind either as backup (especially Bennett with his pace as a late sub in games, but don't think either is really good enough for PL. I'd consider selling Josefzoon if we got promoted, TBH.

ST: Marriott/Waghorn. Don't care what people say, Waggy is a centre forward. I'd have *no* problem with Marriott as first choice striker in the PL, with Waggy as backup/plan B. Could even play the 2 together in certain games. I'd say we probably need a young back-up who'll get game time but won't be starting many games at first.


So, if we go up, my priorities would be

CB x 2 (Tomori style player, +1 permanent), AM x 3 (King on permanent?, Mount (on loan), one back-up permanent OR Sibley/Elsnik to make step up), RW (Wilson loan?), LW (backup), ST (young backup)

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