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Tom Huddlestone

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12 minutes ago, reveldevil said:

Even though the league checks the accounts in March, and would apply any penalty to this season. 

What if it was a points deduction of 30pts, leaving us in League 1 next year?

The league gets to see last year's full accounts in March this year. We're about to see all clubs accounts being published in the next few weeks, but they relate to last season only. 

Our accounts run from 1st July until 30th June each year, so we have until the end of June to get money in if we have a short fall this season. 

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16 minutes ago, ram59 said:

I agree, so far it smacks of desperation to get money in and reduce overheads. Hopefully, I'm wrong and there is a plan to go forward.

Considering our league position now, I think that it would be better to give a go and then if we don't get promoted have a fire sale after the season finishes and before our accounts year end.

Then struggle against relegation next season? Football club management eh.

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This seems all about wheeling and dealing, at which Frank's uncle 'Arry was the master. Moving Hudds out must free up significant wage and also buy a little FFP wriggle room. 

Tom has great abilities and limitations. Football is ruthless (especially if you're a winner like Frank). I'm ambivalent, but if Frank thinks he can improve us by doing it, I'll go with that. 

It might allow a central defender and another centre mid to come in. Bring it on! 

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Sorry to see him go if he does, but I guess Lampard see's Evans in that position and the freeing up the finance side of it may give him a little wiggle room?

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