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FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

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I’d want Man Utd  at Old Trafford. This is a lot different Man Utd side to the one we played earlier this season so it would be another great opportunity and test(apart from Man City where there is always a risk of humiliation) However, Reading went to Old Trafford and had 60% possession so it wouldn’t be a battering but it would be the toughest test of the teams left. Or Spurs away at Wembley so we can potentially get rid a few demons in a “free swing” and would be good preparation to see how the players would perform at Wembley in the event we reached the dreaded play off final.

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The worst team possible so we can get to the next round. I don't care about playing so called 'big teams' really we should be playing them in the Prem soon enough anyway , and a lot of the championship clubs like Leeds and Villa are bigger than a lot of Prem teams like Bournemouth and Watford so I am not fussed about drawing a Prem team, if we draw someone  like Man u or City we will probably get a hiding in all honesty , Man u are a different proposition to the team we played in the league cup.

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Really wanted to play Arsenal away before my tenancy ended so I've no longer a strong opinion.

It would be nice to face a side we've not played for a while. I've never been to Goodison and we've not played Everton since before I sat my GCSEs.

If not, fancy a lower side at home. Donny or Oldham. Think there are better sides than us in the top 6 and don't fancy us in the playoffs. Rather have a decent cup run and get to Wembley that way.

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