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£50,000 fine for Rams


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Derby County have been fined £50,000 and Swansea £15,000 for failing to control their players during February's clash at Pride Park.

Both clubs denied the charge, which followed a mass confrontation sparked by Swansea's Gorka Pintado who was sent off for a lunge on Robbie Savage.

Derby's fine was so severe because it was the third time in eight months they had been charged with similar offences.

Half of Swansea's fine is suspended until 31 December 2011.

The Football Association and the Football Association of Wales held a joint independent regulatory commission to discuss the charges because Swansea falls under the FAW's jurisdiction.

It takes Derby's total of FA fines for this season to £115,000 as they had already been fined £65,000 for failing to control their players in two matches against rivals Nottingham Forest.

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As a group of players we sat down and had a meeting today and decided it was only right we should pay the fine," said Savage.

"The gaffer has also suggested that he and his staff pay some of the fine as well.

"We will be paying 25% of our weekly wage, so it will affect everyone exactly the same.

"We believe it is the right thing to do, especially if that £50,000 helps go towards us buying a player next season.

"Another thing we don't want is the money coming out of the fans' pockets for the money they put into the club.

"It is something we have to take on the chin and like I said, we believe paying the fine is the right thing to do.

"We were disappointed with the final outcome at the hearing because all we were doing was sticking together and looking after each other following a horrendous tackle.

"It is a bit unfair when you see other incidents in games up and down the country which have not been brought up by the FA.

"All we want is consistency across the board and we firmly stand by our plea of not guilty."

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Just said on radio derby - the players are all going to pay for the fine themselves - 25% of their weekly wage until paid for.

will the f a actually accept kfc buckets and mcdonalds as part payment from one of our little soldiers then?:rolleyes:

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