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Animal is a Ram

Jon Obi Mikel - Signed for Boro

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2 hours ago, Whoneedshuls said:

It’s ok we’re saving the money for Torres 😉 

Just gone to Japan hasn’t he? Will have to settle for Drogba.

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Curious one. Still not announced at Boro.

He's four months younger than Tom Huddlestone and obviously a lot older than George Evans. Would he do a much better job than them? He made 18 starts last season in China (I don't know what proportion of games that is). I've said I'd prefer to see Tomori in that position, but then we'd have to buy a new centre half.

There's a thread on the main forum about playoff places and it's clear that if we're to challenge for automatics we can't afford many dropped points which means we don't have the luxury of giving players a lot of time to get up to speed. Only he and Frank will know whether he's the sort of lad who can still contribute from the off. If he is, I'd want him at Derby.


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7 minutes ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

Probably waiting to finish the welcome videos like we do when we sign a player, I just couldn't see us competing for his wages.

Or maybe he's waiting to see if we beat Stanley, so we can use the £150k in prize money to fund his wages.


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We could really do with a player like Mikel. Proper all round midfielder. 

Wasn't he tipped to be a proper world class playmaker until Mourinho decided to turn him into a strict DM? 

Having said that, looking at his stats, he plays #10 for Nigeria and ain't scored many goals so world class might be pushing it a bit. 

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3 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

Signed for Boro

If we were truly in for him then he chose Boro purely on money. With Terry at Villa and Lampard at Derby there were more than enough reasons not to join Boro.

So either we weren't really in for him or money was his driver and we dodge a bullet. 

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FFS, really wanted us to sign him or someone alike. Need a good DEFENSIVE midfielder not just a player like Huddlestone who can pass but offer very little defensively.

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