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On 13/01/2019 at 11:00, Andicis said:

It's almost like Leeds used underhand, cheating tactics to get into our heads before the game even began. We were crap, but I'm sure the gamesmanship from Bielsa was part of it.


It might just be me but I really wish we'd stop complaining about the spying.

Not only have Leeds spanked us 6-1 on aggregate this season but I, for one, have been flabbergasted at the general preciousness over it, and not just among Derby fans. 

It concerned me before the match that we, as a club, were so focused on the alleged wrong. Why? Because, psychologically, it could've subconsciously said to the players that we might have an excuse.

If that was Bielsa's intention (which I doubt), then I congratulate him for successfully outsmarting our coaching staff and securing a mental edge over us.

It's just the latest lesson Leeds have taught us  this season.

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5 minutes ago, EssendonRam said:

It might just be me but I really wish we'd stop complaining about the spying.

My post was 5 days ago, it was a lot more relevant then. They didn't teach us a lesson, they cheated, but I really don't feel like getting into it anymore. I've said all I needed to say on the matter.

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6 hours ago, SlugForAButt said:

I always thought Forest were good to watch myself.

And why doesn't Malmo count? Didn't Forest knock out Liverpool and didn't Malmo knock out Real Madrid? So... both these teams knocked out the biggest clubs in Europe over 2 legs and it doesn't count? Sounds pretty bitter to me.

Chill out. It was a joke.

having watched both teams i just happen to agree with brian that Derby were the better team.

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6 hours ago, SlugForAButt said:

I agree, Shankly, was probably the most influential manager of the British game. Bar none!

See below

On 25 August 2018 at 20:19, RamNut said:

He was the best football manager in the whole history of the game. He understood the passion of the fans and he could express himself in terrific pithy language. I'm sure he would believe that that you couldn't blame the crowd for failure to manage the crowd. I doubt whether he'd blame a single bloke on a horse either. He'd just nail it totally. 

he would have attacked the mentality that treated fans as scum and erected the fences in the first place.

Obviously I think he was a great man.



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