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We don’t all f’in hate Leeds!!!

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Great post, @Alpha.

I agree with @angieram. I would kill for an atmosphere like that at Pride Park. Our away support is usually alright in terms of volume but we offered nothing last night, partly because the team gave us nothing to sing about and partly because the Leeds fans were far better than us.

Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t like that at Elland Road a few years ago when they were an unstable, bottom-half side. But every team has glory-hunters. I have far more respect for the devoted, come-rain-or-shine Leeds/Forest/Burton/Villa/etc fans than I do for any part-time, fair-weather Derby ‘fans’.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve lost all respect for Bielsa now. Use to like him but now, because of Spygate, I ducking hate his stupid mannerisms that have all the football hipsters creaming themselves. Sitting on a stool. What the duck is that?

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Frank may be the manager but Jody is in charge of the coaching and given came because he would be working with the defence as well as gk. 

They've all got excellent pedigree. But maybe this season has come as a surprise in terms of the attrition levels of the championship. 

We've had injuries- long term ones. We haven't been able to move on all of the dead wood. Some of the squad have had major form dips. The budgets been tight. 

No wonder Frank looks a bit glum. He's also been knocked back in trying to get ampadu. He's not that used to struggle and maybe there's a deal of frustration as well if some of the squad just aren't getting what's asked of them. 

Has he done a post match interview yet?


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I don’t get the we hate Leeds crap. Ffs we were rivals at the top of English football nearly 50 years ago. Who the duck is living in the past now us or Forest??

Edited by Gritters

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1 hour ago, Mr Pants said:

But do you think you have the right man in charge ?

At Leeds we wasted a decade employing coaches/managers (Hockaday FFS) that would never get us up. Look what has happened when we employ a world class coach. It is also essentially the same squad as last year. 


That's a great question, and we've gone through our fair share of managers of late. I guess you never know until you know!

That said, I'm happy with Frank. He's made a few mistakes of late (only in my opinion) regards tactics and personnel (for example, last night was always going to be a physical encounter where we saw little of the ball yet no sign of Bradley Johnson, Tom Huddlestone or, until late in the day, Martyn Waghorn. And guess what? We were just brushed off the ball with ease and had no contol of it when we had it).

But he has played the game at the highest level and has a winner's mentality. He must have learned from some of the great managers he has played under and even has them on his phone to turn to for advice.

I'm sure he'll be looking at these displays with the same frustration as the rest of us. He'll also probably look at them and think he needs six new players in who are better than those already there, including pretty much a whole new back line. 

Is he the right man? No idea; I really hope so. In any case, I'd prefer him to any of the others we've had in recent times.


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Yer but, yer but, yer but... Great post mate. They were excellent in every way. Not often you see teams play so cohesively. They were an irresistible force and unfortunately we were a movable object. I think they are away and gone as far as the league is concerned. They are different class to anyone else we've played this year and that's with 2-3 key players still to come back. Still hate the ******** mind! 

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3 minutes ago, Carnero said:

They're Leeds, they'll find a way to duck it up 👍

They lost at home to Birmingham City!!

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3 hours ago, bigbadbob said:

Yep. They're pretty good though.

Good at spying! MI6 look out! L.E.E.D.S U.T.D are the new SPECTRE. Bielsa is the new Ernst Stavro Blofeld. I bet he even has a white cat!

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10 hours ago, Mr Pants said:

What a coherent and balanced view @Alpha 👋


I’m a Leeds fan (cue abuse) and after watching last night’s game was a little bewildered by Derby. I haven’t seen much of you this season but it appeared that tactically you haven’t progressed much since the first game of the season. I think you are doing well to be in and around the playoffs (as a club of your size should be) but what is the overall impression that Derby fans have of your team and manager ?

Judging by your bench last night, does Lampard know his best 11, formation or tactics ? There were a lot of attacking players (new signings I believe) on that bench. Was it a bench selected to hopefully come on and chase the game ? Surely you can’t have been that poor all season ?

Do you have faith in Lampard as the man to move you forward ? God knows as Leeds fans we have seen a succession of utterly garbage, inept coaches/managers and wasted season after season with them. Do you think Lampard will learn and improve ?


Owdo Mr Pants!

You fully deserved the win last night, and look to be a great team, with a lot of talented players. And we didn't turn up at all. However, a leopard never changes its spots.

The situation reminds me of the Don Revie days, when you had a team full of extremely gifted players, plus Norman Hunter, and could ;play anybody off the pitch. Yet their trademark wasn't breath-taking football, it was the thuggery and cheating. Such a shame, but much of that was on display last night. Roofe scored his goal with a beautiful strike, and he plays selflessly for the team, but he is such a dirty player. Virtually every challenge involved a huge push in the bag of the central defenders, or there were kicks and trips going on.  I could give a whole load of other examples, but there isn't a need. On top of that, if we put more than an "after you sir" type of challenge, your players were going down like they'd been hit by a sniper. But despite all the alleged violence, none of your players went off injured. There were also plenty of players running half the length of the pitch to yell at the ref over incidents which had nothing to do with them. And that dreadful challenge by your keeper, who knew exactly what he was doing. Even so, we should have been able to cope with all of that, as we face that from a large proportion of Championship teams, although not to that level.

What did kill us was the spygate issue. We discovered right at the end of our final training session that all our routines, tactics and likely team were known, but had no time to work on alternatives. It is no surprise that you knew exactly how to play against us, and how to stop us playing, or how to take advantage of us. It knocked the stuffing out of us, both team and manager, so we went on to the pitch already beaten in our heads.

Make no mistake, this isn't an excuse, it is not why you beat us. On the day you were by far the better team. But without all that at least we would have put up a bit of a fight, which is actually all we ask of the team.

I hope you do make the automatics because you are the best team around, and you do work hard for eachother, but please, less of the dark arts.

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Leeds are hated , there’s a reason for that and given that they are not at the top of the footballing tree it’s not the Man U syndrome ,

also some derby fans need to get a grip , we have lost twice to the team that is the best in the championship this year ,,so ducking what , we have a selection of young loans and new new players ,a new manager and management team and are challenging for top six when we were saying mid table would have been reasonable for this first season , 

i hope Leeds duck it up as they are tankers of a club ,end of

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Despite living in Leeds nearly 15 years now, I don't hate them at all. Would always want to beat them but I actually don't mind them.

Their support & passion for their team is fantastic and they've stuck with them even though their past 15 years have been pretty humiliating for them. Yeah, they've got plenty of idiots but all big city clubs do. They've got a very strong sense of identity & use that 'everyone against us' mentality very well. I like it.

Been very impressed with their team too - no big money signings in there, just a very strong team ethic. Goes to show that the modern fixation with splurging cash on 'Premiership experience' isn't necessary. I'd be shocked if they didn't finish top 2.



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