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'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

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3 minutes ago, SuperDerbySuperRams said:

Why is it always us that stuff like this happens too 😂


It was the sort of thing that got brushed under the carpet unless it was us doing the bad (we do it = ban, anybody else = suspended action).  This is great, I wonder whether any other opponents will discovery that their perimeter fencing has been cut?  Highly unlikely that this is the first time Leeds have tried this.  if there have been other events Leeds could be in big trouble, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch

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They should get points deducted. I can't imagine for a second this is an isolated incident, and gaining an unfair competitive advantage has to lead to an increased points haul. Doubt the FA would do that though, probably fine them a £10er.

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13 minutes ago, 1977 Ram Raider said:

I find this whole incident absolutely hilarious.

First Rowett is sacked, then karanka walks, now this (oh and just for @David Burton get spanked 9-0). This really is the week that keeps giving. 

I really hope we beat them, else it might end on a real anti climax. 

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