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'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

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11 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

The "change of clothes" is the bit that really has me intrigued though. I wonder if its a tux.

With his licence to kill and Walther PPK in the pocket?

Dee dee de dee de dee dee dee.

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Rowett got the sack,

Karanka turned his back,

Dirty Leeds hired a spy,

The Police were right,

Your spy was poo,

Were Derby County, we'll be singing all night


Tune of the england cricket song about Strauss (with Strauss our captain we'll take the urn home)

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10 minutes ago, Carnero said:

If the answer is "nothing" then why send a spy in the first place?

I dont know.

From what Poch said this was common in Argentina.

Its strange. 

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30 minutes ago, Cjay said:

What of any major importance can be learned from hiding in a bush with a notepad that cant be gathered from watching matches?

any new free kick or corner routines that we were working on - that would be a significant advantage if they knew what they were in advance yeah?

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1 minute ago, Animal is a Ram said:

Got to love football fan mentality.

Somehow this event is embarrassing to Derby. Yet you can guarantee if t'were the other way around, Leeds fans would be in uproar.

Yeah I just had a quick look on Twitter, amazing how so many can find a way to be the victim in all this

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47 minutes ago, reveldevil said:

Caught by the fuzz

While I was still in the bush

In the back of the van

With my head in my hands

Just like a bad dream

I was easily seen.


If only Bielsa could be here now

He'd get me out he'd sort me out alright

I knew I should have stayed at home tonight.


I want to live in a world when this gets 500 likes and everyone sings it tonight.

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Any fans who have been to all/most the game can you tell us what the team will be tonight? How about which players are definitely fit? Any new routines we need to know about? 

Thought not. That's the advantage you get from spying before a game, alot of us have watched every minute of every game this year but couldn't even make a solid guess at any of the above, spying the day before is likely to give an indication of that. 

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