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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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22 hours ago, reveldevil said:

Friday night games really put a downer on the whole weekend, if the performance/result is like last night's.

For some reason this one feels extra bad, and I can't explain why.

I haven't felt so low about a result since the play off final, which I know is stupid.

Hey, I know exactly what you mean @reveldevil Strange how much we invest emotionally into our teams. You’ll be “rayt” in a couple of days just in time for the Southampton replay. Then who knows - Madame football will be off again with her Wiley Ways...hope you feel better soon. 😃 #Ramkindtogetheragaingstthecheatin’Leefsbastuds

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23 hours ago, DavesaRam said:

I am pretty sure that the spygate thing did affect us. I don't know what time of day it was when the guy was spotted, or what time and how long the training sessions last, but I know that the players were all taken off the training ground as the police arrived.

But if it was towards the end of training, then all of Frank and the teams training, and all the practicing of routines went in the bin, with no time at all to come up with alternatives. I would find that pretty demoralising. It is no surprise that Leeds had an answer for everything we tried to do, and knew exactly what to do to stop us from playing. It might have been better psychologically if we hadn't have found out what they were up to, then we wouldn't have gone into the match with our heads already drooping down.

In addition Frank said in his pre-match interviews about the spying that another guy was caught sneaking around the training ground for the Pride Park match at the start of the season. Bielsa has admitted to doing it, so it is definitely worth doing, and may be a reason why they are seemingly so far ahead of any other team in the Championship, apart from a couple of "off" games just recently.

I don't think it would have changed the result last night, (or the home match result) because Leeds played really well. However, without the issue, we would more likely have made a fight of it and given them a game.

AS  said earlier i this thread, I would hope for sever censure for what they have been doing, as well as a huge ban for their keeper, but I doubt whether either will happen because (a) it is Leeds United and (b) it isn't Derby County. 😡

I don't think the spy farce is an excuse for players not putting up a fight. If anything, it should have fired them up. Too many Rams players hide when the opposition get at them. It's a familiar theme over the past few seasons. 

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17 minutes ago, TuffLuff said:

I keep saying this, but when’s the cut off point for the league to announce retrospective action? If that boot to Holmes by the keeper goes unpunished then its disgraceful 

It looks like they’ve turned a blind eye to it, a bit like Holmes almost did. 

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On 12/01/2019 at 02:14, Lambchop said:

How so? Bielsa only arrived in June and their best player is 18.

So disappointing tonight. I was looking forward to an exciting game between two fluid, attacking sides. Instead, we capitulated from the first minute. 

I've said it elsewhere and been ridiculed, but again I was struck by the difference in mentality, desire and team spirit. They absolutely play for each other as a unit, and desperately fight to win every ball. We are a bunch of half arsed individuals ghosting through the game. 

Most of Leeds' players are not world beaters. It's probably only Clarke and Hernandez who are of above average ability. Even Roofe is wasteful and inconsistent, but he never gives up. They are more than the sum of their parts, and that's down to coaching and attitude. 

I completely support Frank, but he's starting to annoy me. It takes more than looking peeved on the touchline whilst making the same mistakes over and over. He needs to start building some consistency around our strengths so that the players know what they're supposed to be doing. At the moment it's like we go back to square one every week. 

I suspect this season is as good as over. We're not good enough to go up, and I'd be seriously frightened if we did. Start building now for the changes that need to be made in the summer. I don't want us to make a couple of signings now to shore this team up. We need a long term plan in place, and to identify the correct players to carry it out. 

I thought before this game, it would be a measure of our progress since the summer. Unfortunately, it was. 

Yes Bielsa only took over the past summer however Leeds as a club have basically been building towards this for a few seasons. They've employed a string of managers who play some variation of passing high energy football since Monk and they'd managed to assemble a squad capable of that before Bielsa took over. This meant that Bielsa could take over add a couple, coach a bit here and there for them to hit the ground running. And that isn't to mention that Bielsa is an experienced, extremely highly regarded coach who was a bit of a coup for Leeds to go. 

Whereas we've lurched between managers of vastly different styles and ended up with a complete mishmash of a bloated old squad that needed a major rework. 

Personally I think we are probably 2-3 windows away from being completely reshaped into a cohesive squad capable of pushing for top 2.

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20 minutes ago, brady1993 said:

Leeds as a club have basically been building towards this for a few seasons.

Not really been aware of their previous seasons, so it looked to me like something achieved by the current coach. 

Agree we need stability and a consistent direction - let's hope we have that now. 

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3 minutes ago, Lambchop said:

Not really been aware of their previous seasons, so it looked to me like something achieved by the current coach. 

Agree we need stability and a consistent direction - let's hope we have that now. 

Yeah they've been playing a similarish style for a few seasons and a lot of the players who seem very to be flourishing under Bielsa have been there a while.

And I agree completely we need to stay the course and ride out these painful bumps as much as they sting.

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