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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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1 hour ago, angieram said:

Having been at the match last night and having seen no press or tv coverage apart from the BBC report, which doesn't even mention it, was anything said about this at the time? I have only seen the video of the challenge on twitter, which looks dreadful and dangerous. 

Where was the referee?  Did he judge it as accidental? Was it?

The keeper looked at Holmes as he kicked him, he new what he was doing. It was talked about in length in the sky post match analysis. The pundits called it disgusting and couldn’t believe the ref didn’t see it. 

They say it evened things up, but, to be fair, the peno decision at the start should’ve been offside earlier in the move, so an all round bad show from the lino, and the peno shout later on, Benty said it’s not often you see them given for an accidental step on the toe, it would be harsh. So compared to a malicious stud in the face, I think we’ve got more reason to be aggrieved there. 

Having said that, if it had have lead to us eventually equalising, we would’ve stolen one. But still. Worth a grumble. 

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56 minutes ago, Ellafella said:

I am inclined to agree about Lawrence I’m afraid. Total enigma; but doesn’t make my first XI and not a £7m footballer for me. Sorry Tom. 

He's also absolutely brain-dead. Gives stupid free kicks with his petulance. Even last night he had a kick out at one of the Leeds players who had got away from him. Luckily didn't make contact. But the ref had a word. 

Also should have given a penalty away.

He's not worth £7 million. Infact if anyone offered £7 million for him I'd take it and reinvest it in the squad.


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1 hour ago, nottingram said:

Expect a 5 game ban for Holmes for simulation

He could’ve done with some stud marks in his face by the end of it, and an eyeball hanging down his cheek. Would’ve been fairly undeniable then. 

Wonder whatvthe ref would’ve done in that sort of situation though, cos he didn’t blow for a foul in the first place, but stopped the game for a head injury. If it’s obvious that head injury was caused by studs, then it’s irefutable that a foul was committed, the only debate is if it’s accidental or not. Would he be able to take it back to the peno? Or would the game have moved on by then and it’s too late?

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Even bacon eggs sausages and mushrooms haven’t improved this Saturday morning. 

I’ll be back Monday / Tuesday when wounds have been licked. Nothing to say except the obvious we were out played for 80 odd minutes with a brief spark when Nuge came on. 

Glum today and it’s just about to start raining and I can’t  even manage a rousing chorus of somewhere over the rainbow

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57 minutes ago, Harrowram said:

I wonder whether the budget issue is to do with FFP or perhaps Mel wants to sell and to do that he needs to get the finances in shape?

Mel will be wary of what’s happened over the last few years, I’m fine with him getting the finances in shape etc as long as he keeps his finger of the button and gives Frank time 

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Well that was one hell of a footballing lesson, although probably definitely not a lesson in ethics.

Whether or not spygate affected our mentality or not, the scene was set with almost immediate effect. Keogh went to head a clearance but got right under the ball which bounced and caught Wisdom by surprise, ending with him making a clumsy challenge in the area. Was it a peno? Could have been. Was it ruled out for offside? Yes. Should it have been? I was watching it at the pub and only saw one replay, which looked offside. Sky reckoned it was onside, but the commentators were so biased tonight that they were probably wearing the Leeds football kit!

But from then on, we were totally on the back foot. We couldn't put passes together, and were second to the ball on far too many occasions. The change for the second half made a difference, but we only really "got on to the pitch" for the last 20 minutes or so.

This Leeds team gave me a nasty reminder of the Revie era dirties. This team has phenomenal football talent, and played us off the park for most of the match. But as with the Revie sides of long ago, why on earth do they need to employ the dark arts, thuggery and blatant cheating? Anything more than an "after you, sir" challenge, and they were on the ground writhing in agony, while bleating to the ref for severe censure. Roofe is a tremendous striker, and his goal was beautifully taken, but he is such a dirty b............ as well. Virtually every challenge involved giving Keogh or Tomori a hefty push in the back. occasionally given .......... In addition Leeds were incredibly aggressive with their challenges, with each one giving the Ram a dilemma: risk having one of your limbs snapped off, or pull out of the challenge, which was our preferred option. So maybe it works, But it is ugly, and shouldn't be part of today's football. As for that studs in the face of Holmes - that should have been a straight red, and a penalty, and would have given us a chance to get back into the match. We didn't deserve it. The Sky "expert" opinion was that it was probably payback for the two penalties which Leeds should have had.

Oh, and there was a ref, but I am apparently not allowed to say any more than that for fear of mass murder of match officials at local league level. But what the hell, why not? Apart from the red card, he did OK, although once again, playing against a team employing the dark arts and thuggery, Derby ended up with more yellow cards than Leeds. In reality, I have no complaints about the cards given to Derby players, except for the one against Holmes - it was his first offence, after being manhandled badly all game. However, I am surprised that Bryson wasn't disciplined. But where were the yellow cards for the Leeds thuggery?

None of this officialdom affected the match though, simply because Derby weren't at the races until the finishing flag was already being waved, Yet again, we started too slowly, for whatever reason. We do need more bite in our challenges, and Leeds, along with many others, have shown that overt, even excessive aggression works. But do we want that aspect to our play, where bite becomes violence? I say no, and am delighted that Robert Huth has quashed rumours of his arrival at Derby by stating that he has retired. We need bite, but we do not need thug, even though this may have contributed to Leeds supremacy tonight. Although there is a rather good DM just about to break through in the Luton team. Perhaps we should go and have a look at him?

At least until the WBA season-enderwe have only got the lsser teams of this division to play. You know, the ones we struggle to beat! So that's a positive.

Right what's next? Oh yes, off to the spygate thread, because that was really entertaining!

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Bottom line we were out played

no need for panic stations, it was Leeds night for sure but there’s still so much more football to be played this season. 

Last night in terms of performance that was rock bottom. A line needs to be drawn and frank has to state that a performance like that is not acceptable from any one involved. 

Frank needs to take a look at himself more than anyone, he’s learnt a harsh harsh lesson from a top level manager who is equally adept at coaching football players as he is the “dark arts” 

in terms of the match there’s so much praise for Leeds but short of one fantastic cross and very fortunate goal, they didn’t create much and as fans we know how bad we played and they only got 2 haha (gotta find a positive somewhere)

a standard has to be set and maintained, it was spoken about after our last spanking by Leeds and it’s obvious we have fell well short 

as for the players who aren’t good enough blah blah 

look at Leeds last night they were bang average last season and this season .. pretty much the same players think there world beaters ... that’s down to the coach. Don’t give up on the players get behind them and everyone at the club 

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5 hours ago, singaporeram said:

While not ignoring that we’ve had some fantastic moments this season - man u, chelsea, west brom, norwich etc ...

what a job Bielsa has done - that is a squad that was mid table last year and has now lost saiz and viera - keeper blackman broke his leg - baker’s gone back to chelsea - there’s a bunch of kids come in - their wage bill is mid table at best. The only money spent under this owner is on bamford, who’s hardly played. Hernandez is quality but not new. We outspent them on flo jo. 

As a club, obviously leeds are as bad as it gets and Allioski as irritating as you get but Bielsa - he’s a miracle worker


Of course it helps work miracles when you have prior knowledge of how your opponents will be setting up and what personnel they will be using!

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