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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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2 minutes ago, cosmic said:

Everyone on here saying Bryson’s done. But imagine this game and our midfield without the bite he’s given it tonight. Both he and Keogh have led by example tonight. Problem is they’re surrounded by a bunch of boys. 

Can’t agree Cosmic tbf. Him and Keogh set the tone of panic early on and we’ve not really recovered since. Massive fan of them both but tonight they just didn’t help our performance from minute 1. 


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5 minutes ago, Abu Dhabi Ram said:

Yet the defender is innocent who just watched his man. I agree the cross should be stopped, but all teams concede crosses, your center halves still have to defend them!!!

We concede way way more than most, sometimes teams don’t even have to work to put the ball into our box, there’s a red carpet and sign posts 

we don’t have a full back in the club I’d be confident that would stop more crosses than they let in, maybe fozzy... maybe 

We’re so easy to play against defensively it hurts

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1 minute ago, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

He is and in fully behind him but he needs to learn quickly...it's easy to blame the players but they are only reacting to the coaching staffs decisions and management..if it wasn't so,there would be no need for managers.


I think we are going to have games like this for the rest of the season. We are probably 2-4 players short of being able to play consistently how we want too.

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