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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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5 minutes ago, Derbyram1983 said:

Nothing to do with tactics. The better team is winning. And they deserve it. 

Its everything to do with tactics. From the moment the game started they have done exactly what we knew they would...totally over-run, hassle, press and smother us. We are so out-tacticed its painful today.

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19 minutes ago, Abu Dhabi Ram said:

That second goal was utterly dreadful from Keogh! Shambolic. Yet Lowe is being criticised.  

He got roasted and failed to stop the cross ??

stop the cross that goal doesnt happen... same as the first one..

hes fully accountable  

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8 minutes ago, Warren Hobhead said:

Huddlestone, Butterfield, Thorne.

Less said about the last two the better.

Do agree with Hudds to an extent, just don't think he moves the ball quick enough. He likes a long pass and he can do that when he gets time on the ball. In this game of high pressing he'd struggle.

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Tell you something... Tomori has been a great addition this season, but tonight has been truly enlightening in terms of his limitations and inexperience! He’s had a shocker... but haven’t they all?

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1 minute ago, Carl Sagan said:

They're a team that do all know their jobs. And are performing them well. But we're definitely competing better second half. Almost out of time, sadly. 

As a team they are us but 2 years further on in development.

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