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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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1 minute ago, AndyinLiverpool said:

I have to say in mitigation that Clarke has been absolutely terrific.

Ex pro on Twitter saying that Lowe has been unlucky to play against him tonight. 

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Thought Lowe was dire on Saturday against Saints and couldn’t believe he’d be selected again for this match! All these rave reviews he’s been getting upnin Aberdeen just shows the chasm in class between Scots Prem and the top two leagues in England... 

Not that I’m blamIng Lowe alone for this embarrassment. We’ve been murdered twice by Leeds now ... as someone else said, men against boys. Big questions over Frank tactically... doesn’t matter how great a player you were, he’s still got an awful lot to learn. Still glad he’s ours though! 😉

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8 minutes ago, McLovin said:

How is Bryson still on the field ffs. Thought he was taken off earlier that’s how absent he has been here

He's covering across the back in midfield when no-one else seems to be. It's not his fault most of the rest go walkabout!

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In fairness to them, it’s impressive how hard Leeds are still working. They had about 7 men back around the ball on the edge of their own box then.

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