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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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1 minute ago, Abu Dhabi Ram said:

Well if you want to put your blinkers on... Fill your boots. He literally stood still and watched his man tap it in. Don’t defend him  if you can’t justify yourself!!!!!!

Never tried to defend him for that, just pointing out that you seem to be missing a major part of the goal in your analysis. Watching that goal it’s quite obvious why Lowe is getting stick. As is Keogh in this very thread.

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3 minutes ago, Topram said:

Tomori let Roofe get in front of him 

Ah so Carson flapping when he had an easy catch and Bryon letting a teenager casually stroll past him and cross it had nothing to do with it?! 🙄

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Just now, Kernow said:

I've never understood the trend of booing an opposition player who has gone down injured

Cos fans get it in their head that it was gamesmanship, especially when theyve gone down while your team is breaking away.

I agree its awful when the player is clearly hurt etc. but I'd expect with that exact scenario happening for the opposition at PP the Derby fans would be booing Holmes too, he clearly WAS kicked in the face but in real time it didn't look it and there was no evidence afterwards.


And just to clarify, I agree Leeds are an 'orrible club.

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@Carl Sagan... yes next goal vital but what worries me is regardless of individual bits and bobs, Leeds look faster, better passers, better at anticipating. We are so off it as a unit it’s painful

next goal could change that .. get one and the mental balance changes. Concede and we are deservedly stuffed

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1 minute ago, Tombo said:

There's nobody in that midfield who likes a pass. Pacesetter to keep the ball moving and create chances.


God I miss Will Hughes. He's exactly what we need.

Just need midfielders to actually show and want the ball, there's a reason we're always forced long or players are trying to win games on their own - there isn't a pass available. 

Watching Leeds they always have at least a man free ready to receive the ball so they can play through you. Our centre backs have no option out of defence, strikers have no support when they do hold the ball up. 

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