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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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I hate losing games of football, but I also hate the mindless hyperbole that always accompanies a defeat (although the game isn’t over yet 😜).  We aren’t playing well, but Leeds are good, tenacious and frankly are better than us.  Sometimes that’s just how it is.

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6 minutes ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

This is one of the worst performances I have ever seem from derby, someone remind me of a worse performance?

sunderland at home last year. similar performance, just it was at home vs bottom of the league

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4 minutes ago, Whoneedshuls said:

Need waghorn on a bit of muscle and not afraid to tackle out wide..

Abso fricking lutely

its Leeds away frank 

theyve got two big strong monster centre halves 

f ing wake up 

Marriott ain’t going to get anything from hopeful long hoons upfront

its all well and good wanting to try and play total football but if ur side are incapable of doing so then u need to adapt until u have the players that can 

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