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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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Just now, Derbados said:

We lost the ball 89 times in that first half 

89 times. . .

Now that is criminal, poor passing, poor movement, poor tactics (up to now he says in hope). 🙂

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Watching it again


yes we got to do more to stop the cross but Jesus Christ I’ll say it again, tomori and losing his marker 

anyone that thinks that lad is any good back there wants their head looking at

has the concentration span of a goldfish

when the plays ahead of him he’s ok, quick and strong, but Jesus any type of ball into the box and for the god knows how many times this season he’s a yard behind his man

Tbf he was slightly closer to roofe this time round compared to when roofe completely lost him at pride park 

were still not talking “where’s billy sharp” “oh he’s behind me, oh bugger”, poo show that was the other week


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Sad a few times on the forum Carson needs competition and he needs to be more commanding in his own 6 yard box,costly mistake tonight a simple catch under no pressure and we would still unbelievably be still level.

Just cant believe how poor we are again,you could make 7 or 8 changes at half time thats how bad we have been

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Just now, hintonsboots said:

It’s unlikely we can play that badly for another 45 mins. Some of our players wouldn’t get in my pub team after the first half. Hairdryer needed at half time.

As strange as it sounds I don't think it's down to individuals (Well not entirely). It's we are really poorly matched against how they play and the midfield balance is all off.

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1 minute ago, ck- said:

Amazing stat just announced by Sky - we've lost the ball 89 times in the first half!!!!

Hope they find them , serves Leeds right for spying and cheating. We’ll lose their balls.

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9 minutes ago, Derbyram1983 said:

Problem is with the spending our club has done. The players on the bench Wichita is obviously only five have cost more than the eleven on the pitch. And the players that don’t even make the squad have also with Johnson, anya and buttrfirld at somewhere around £13m. What a joke of a club

We're not a joke of a club. Get a grjp

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