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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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1 minute ago, Remy the hare said:

We are not pressing at all. Is Evans playing?

I think him and Mount had notes from their mums to say they weren’t to be overworked tonight.

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1 minute ago, lukedcfc said:

Positive news, we cant play any worse than this second half, or can we?

I don’t know, villa second half was pretty shocking 

played like this but conceded 3 goals to boot 

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5 minutes ago, Squid said:

Better at stopping spies than stopping crosses it seems! 

Go back through this season and see how many we’ve conceded from crosses it’s scary. The scariest thing is it’s still happening over half way into the season, almost like we’ve not even bothered to try and fix it.

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Bryson was really poor for the Leeds goal and has been disappointing all game. Wisdom and Lowe have also been disappointing. I’ve been critical of Bogle but at least we doesn’t look like a headless chicken when he has the ball at his feet. 

Holmes is the only one out there who has done anything of note. Marriott has made several good runs but we have no-one with the vision or passing ability on the pitch to give it to him. 

I’d bring Huddlestone on for Bryson at half time and push Mount as high up the pitch as possible because Marriott is isolated.

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2 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

I swear Lawrence has jogged through this half.

He’s been pathetic! I just shouted at my tv when he got dispossessed and gave up on chasing the ball down, inexcusable

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