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Walking in Derbyshire

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1 hour ago, TuffLuff said:


Spotted this the other day, does anybody know how to get there (especially that little bit at the bottom near the reservoir)? I know roughly where the quarry is but didn’t know you could get near it

Bandit country mate, watch out for the Orphans.....

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As people are talking about the coronavirus fatigue and the worries leading into the next six months it may not be the worst idea to revive this thread to try and inspire people to be active (whilst responsible ofcourse) over the coming months. Appreciate not everyone is close to Derbyshire but maybe it might remind others to at least get out around them, or I’m certainly happy to recommended spots in Staffordshire, Yorkshire and the surrounding counties.

Went to Linacre Reservoir a few sundays back and was ok for a short walk although I wouldn’t say you see much. Carsington is much much better, but also more popular. Would recommend the villages and around it though. Lots of little walking spots around Cutthorpe, Barlow and Brampton area.

Best walk I’ve done this year was walking along Bradford Dale and Lathkil with a stop for lunch at The Lathkil pub in Over Haddon (good covid safety to boot). The view from the pub is worth it alone.

Found lots of little spots around Coal Ashton and Eckington too that are quiet and plenty of woodland.

Stopped off the very top of Brassington the other day too, the rocks near the wind turbines. Another under appreciated view that’s easy to get to.

Reasonably sure I’ve been through my more regular haunts before but would love to see if anybody has gone anywhere different. 

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Moira Furnace is an interesting place with some short walks around.

Kedleston Park, the long walk is great.

Calke Abbey - Park in Ticknall, walk in, through the tunnel to the limeyards, then in the back, and down to the new cafe.

Darley Park - now the Mills have a cafe, restaurant and 2 bars its a great little walk

All family friendly walks!

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On 04/01/2019 at 08:24, sage said:

If you want to do a good long walk, start in Edale, go up Kinder then down his Jacob's Ladder, up onto Bleaklow Ridge and walk to Mam Tor, before dropping into Castleton.

Best done on a clear day as the views are amazing. 

Did this on a school trip to that area. Stayed in local youth hostel (it's still there) for a few days. Had a great time!

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