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On 29/09/2019 at 20:16, CWC1983 said:

I thought it was excellent. Characters were brilliant even though the lead actor will always be Woody from 'made in England'. His hand tattoos from that serious are still visable. 

Michelle Keegan was also easy on the eye. 

I see they are filming series 2 at the moment. 


Agreed although it's "This is England" not "Made in England". Every series in that franchise was excellent.

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Anyone else watched "The Spy" on Netflix?

It's a spy drama set in Israel/Syria during the 1960s.

Quite enjoyable - good (based on a true) story, but for two things

1) the characters all speak English in a middle-eastern accent when I assume at the time they were speaking the native languages

2) Sacha Baron Cohen plays the main character, and with the accent, the 60s clothes and little moustache you can't help imagining him as Borat. Expect every scene to end with him saying "IS NICE!"


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binge-watched season 4 of The Man in the High Castle on Saturday. It reaches a quite tame climax in my opinion, the last scene(s) were anti-climactic for me, but on the whole, the 4 seasons are brilliant and highly recommended.

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