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Drone at Gatwick

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16 hours ago, EtoileSportiveDeDerby said:

We are due to fly from Gatwick over the w/e which is a bit worrying... This is all very odd, the simple answer would be to shoot the fecker(s) down, Trump style. Mind you, if it is a couple of Russian tourist wanting to get the best view over Crawley it may not be such a good idea...

What time are you due off? We are 09:30 Saturday.

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3 hours ago, Anon said:

The Dutch have trained eagles to intercept rogue drones. We should ask if we can borrow some of them.

What were they called on flash Gordon?

Brian Blessed was their leader??


Can’t we set a few of them on,go for the younger ones on Apprenticeships,I know times are hard.

And let’s not have any of this fictitious movie creature nonsense 

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23 hours ago, WharfedaleRam said:

Well here we are, a first world country that puts the plans of over 100,000 of our people into disarray because we cannot or aren’t prepared to shoot down a drone at Gatwick. God help us should there be an invasion by an enemy !

Can’t shoot it down, most likely will miss and bullet has to land somewhere.

cant disable it - the technology they would do it is illegal in the uk

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Saw a friend yesterday who is up for Xmas. They work at Gatwick Airport in ATC and they know of an ex-employee with a grudge against the company. The guy also owns a drone company and has mental health issues.  All circumstantial, but the timings and locations of the drone indicate someone who knows exactly where to fly in the approaches and what time to do it to disrupt the 3 waves of flights each day

Probably just rubbish, but putting it here just in case this is my one and only chance to be ITK if it all comes out :)


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44 minutes ago, David said:

Guilty until proven innocent it would seem.


Isn't the definition of a moron someone whose IQ falls between  51 and 70? So factually that would be incorrect as well I would imagine.

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