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Arsene Titman

Andy King - Signed on Loan

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6 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

Really? He’s pretty distinctly average to me. I mean we do need numbers in centre mid so if he’s cheap I can understand it, rather a bigger upgrade on what we have though. It’s an area that definately needs work.

Remember thinking the same of Matt Oakley.....

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Ledley Bryson Johnson Butterfield Huddlestone - all out of contract in the summer. Leaves us with Evans, Thorne & Holmes if you want to class him as a cm plus youngsters like Bird & Elsnik so we need some more players in there.

But I can't see us going for him now unless 1 or 2 of the previously mentioned are on their way out?

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14 minutes ago, Alpha said:

He's not sure whether he wants to play for a top 6 spot and stay where he lives or up root and move to Wales to play for midtable

It sounds a tiny bit like complete bull poo

Spent the arse-end of last season there, so that's probably where that came from.

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25 minutes ago, DCFC1388 said:

Ledley, Wilson & Lawrence with the Welsh connection to get him to join!

Will know Nugent and Waghorn as well, few years together at Leicester 

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My Leicester supporting work colleague would love us to sign him...says he is well past his best and has done nothing for years.

It is safe to say he is not his greatest fan.

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2 minutes ago, ColonelBlimp said:

Old boys club? Is that where we are now?

Would have thought we require a young energetic battle in midfield 

Agreed. Always reminds me a bit of Bryson....would he be an upgrade? Would rather a younger version but who knows??

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