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v Wigan (a) match day thread

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On ‎02‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 12:02, angieram said:

Funnily, I would do the opposite as I thought Nugent pulled their defence all over the place first half yesterday. That aspect of his game isn't always appreciated.  Let him tire Wigan's back line (and himself!) out then bring Marriott on to reap the rewards.

my thoughts exactly. Nuge was excellent on Saturday but just ran out of steam .. it would also be good man management and a pat on the back for Dave. The longer Marriott gets to heal the better .. you want 100% not 97% 

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Think Waghorn would be ideal for this game, especially as Lawrence won't be afforded the time or space to really make an impact. Nugent to keep his place and use Marriott as a super sub. 

Can't see anything changing though, Lampard will play the same team and change it on 70 minutes if needed. Reckon 1-1 until 70 minutes and one of Holmes/'Zoon or Marriott to score a late winner 

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8 minutes ago, BarrowRam said:

Hi John we are going to the Wigan game. We can pass the ticket on to pat if you still need someone to do it.

Cheers mate,that would help if Steve’s going later.

Plus @Pat_fromAus is obviously from overseas and I don’t want him stranded.

Can you pm me your address and I’ll post you his ticket and we’ll organise it.

He was going to meet me at the ground but obviously I’m not going(he’s got my ticket🤪).

Just a case of meeting him and passing him the ticket...please👍

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1500 sold is embarrassing what has happened to our fan base? Every time I’ve been we’ve taken 3k plus Birmingham took 4.5k last week

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5 hours ago, Steve How Hard? said:

I'm planning on going but it could be a bit last minute when I get there as I'm working on Saturday. If nobody else steps forward then I'll gladly help.

Cheers Steve, @BarrowRam is going to meet him early to save you rushing.

Besides I’m not sure an Aussie is ready for your sharp wit!

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9 hours ago, King Kevin said:

Right let me explain, we haven't lost in December since 2014 the chances are this will shortly come to an end as all sequences do .Of course I don't REALLY want us to lose but IF we did I'd rather it be Wigan than fooking Forest.

This feels like a version of the gambler's fallacy. Just because we've not lost in December for ages, doesn't mean we're more likely to lose a game this December. I'm sure King Kev knows that, but it's interesting to read:


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