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Harry Wilson

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I prefer him in midfield and think that allows Waghorn onto the wing, who offers much more in covering back and a physical presence at corners.

Having said that, I also like Josefzoon on the wing and he doesn't track back at all!

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1 hour ago, ariotofmyown said:

Can you name a better free kick taker in 

a) The championship

b) Derby's history

c) English league football

d) English league football ever

e) The world

f) The world ever

At the moment in a) he’s looking evens with Idiakez but could go top given his age 

b) Carbonari could hit one 

c) Dunno

d) Becks ? For skill, but i’d Hate to be a goaly facing Lorimer, and a young Gareth Bale scored one against us that was a bit special a few years back against Soton. 

e) and f) dunno .. i’m Not that clever 

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8 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

Great goal last night but disappointing general play.

Hope he cuts the diving out of his game, was embarrassing last night.

We are the first to condemn opponents for it and also slate referees for their performance, so only think it is right when one of our players is trying to con the ref that they should be criticised too.

Agree 100% but you have to admit that one where the ball was running out of play for a throw and he ran across the front of his man to get fouled was deserving of a free kick just for the speed of thought and execution. 

Cheating with imagination, that.

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Harry can play in the middle but he scores his goals and is better offensively when playing wide. He needs to be attacking all game, against Villa he was in his own half receiving the ball which helps no one. I actually think Waghorn would be suited to a central Position, Hes Tall, Strong and quick, He can get assists as he showed last season and he can score goals? Maybe see him there Saturday?

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41 minutes ago, Smyth_18 said:

Playing position is pretty irrelevant when standing over a free kick

Unless you’re a keeper, make sure it goes over the wall otherwise you better be quick

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