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Harry Wilson

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On 29/11/2018 at 14:52, ariotofmyown said:

Can you name a better free kick taker in 

a) The championship

b) Derby's history

c) English league football

d) English league football ever

e) The world

f) The world ever

Idiakez and Rioch are the two other contenders, but young Harry ("H" to his teammates) is right up there.

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1 hour ago, Carl Sagan said:

The Harry Wilson goal of the season competition is going to be something else. Extraordinary shooting ability.

I think the Manu one is winning so far. Do you?

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6 minutes ago, Boycie said:

I think the Manu one is winning so far. Do you?

Bris would have disagreed. 😞

Although the Sky studio pundits were discussing if it was the best freekick they'd ever seen, and better than Ronaldo's best.

You're probably right but I would like to see today's first from all angles. Just like against Man Utd, the keeper stayed rooted to the spot - clearly unable to work out where the ball was travelling until it was past him.

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Unbelievable first goal today and an immense all round performance. He’s got exceptional technique, it’s  just getting it out of him consitently that’s the question. Talent was there for all to see from Southampton in pre season imo.

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7 hours ago, Dimmu said:

Greatest ever has to be Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Júnior aka Juninho Pernambucano, I don't think anyone can doubt that.

I'd have to agree with that. However, I think it's tough on players before the 80's.

Now players play with skin tight boots worn 2 sizes too small to give way better feel for the ball. And they have a ball that can be manipulated 100x easier than from the 70's and back.

I think if Pele had what they have now he'd be well in contention. Maybe even Charlton too.

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