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Summer Sale ?


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It's probably no exaggeration to say that Shaun Barker has been our stand out player this year.

For me the only positive thing I can draw from this season is how well Barker has played in the last couple of months.

(Apart from how well the wage bill has been reduced, must say that was keeping me awake last summer. Well done to the board - note to self - remove tongue from cheek)

Given that Barker is our main asset I think there is a chance that some Premiership club could come sniffing around for him in the summer. Do you reckon the board would try and cash in on him, and if as they say every player has their price, how much would he be worth. I reckon if someone were to bid £2 to £3 Mill they might be tempted to sell

What about some of our other possible players that could be sold off in the summer, what would their prices be

Addison £1.5 M (if someone were to take a chance with him being injured)

Hulse £1 M

Commons £0.5 M

Davies ??

Pearson ??

Croft ??

Teale .....a couple of bob

Hendrie ....anybodys guess

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1- Barker will go nowhere unless some silly 7/8mill offer comes in.

Im sure Glick knows the fans would be up in arms,

I can see







all going

along with Davies

commons if they dont prove fitness.

My dislike for Commons is well known,ability without application is useless,add to this his knack of missing 1 in 3 games gives us a passenger.

Over rated and overweight.

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Croft will be gone imo seems to have fell out of favour

jay i'd like to see him stay tbh

hendrie whoooo?? haha nah he'll be gone

connelly seeyoubye

hunt only on loan seems to be having abit of a rough time atm

teale in a bit

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i think Teale, Croft, Hendrie and connelly will be gone (well fingers crossed)

Jay might get a year extention. if Hunt could get the form back he first showed when he came then he may be worth a punt.

would like to see Tonge fill the hole some more :D

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Addison is out all season, be lucky to get a pack of Skittles for him.

Hulse, only Boro and Ipswich were interested, doubt he's done enough this season to be worth a million or over, his age and injury track record will put most off.

Commons I can't see anyone willing to take a punt till he's proved his fitness, plus his contract is up next summer, if a Prem club is interested they just have to make the right noises and Commons won't sign a new deal and they'l get him for free.

Davies, if the right offer comes in I reckon Clough would take it, I'd only expect around £500,000 tops tho.

Pearson is part of Cloughs plans having just signed a new contract, can't see him leaving.

Croft has actually been out injured for the last few months, although I don't think Clough wouldn't grumble at £100k to get rid.

Teale, hasn't he also signed a new contract?

Hendrie, out of contract at the end of this season, will be gone.

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Teale hasn't signed yet - thank god !

Connelly - by bye

Croft - i liked when he first came would like him to stay but i think Cloughie has fallen out with him.

Davies - want him to stay if he can stay fit - same as Commons

McEveley - Hit and miss not consistent enough

Pearson - find the net !! or go

Addison - another Giles

Not bothered if we keep Hunt or not - hit and miss

Tonge - keep

Hendrie - another that started to show promise - now out of favour

just found this on croft

When asked if Croft was close to forcing his way back into contention, Clough said: "Not at the moment. He is on the fringe of the squad and at the moment and given the way he is sort of playing, we can't see him getting back involved.

"You get in the team on merit and there are quite a few players ahead of him

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